The Combat Centre is proud to partner with Southside BJJ to bring you a range of classes for all levels, lead by head coach Renato Silva.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is modern martial arts discipline, with ancient roots grounded in Japan. Derived from the Japanese words  Jū (gentle) and Jutsu (art), BJJ is a ‘gentle art’. Rather than striking and kicking, BJJ uses leverage, pressure, angles and timing (along with understanding of human anatomy) to achieve a non-violent submission of an opponent. BJJ focuses on close-contact grappling, holds, chokes and joint-manipulation.

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Southside BJJ is one of the most successful teams in Australia, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Lead by world silver medallist Vicente Cavalcanti, Southside Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has several affiliates around Australia and now one in Auckland, New Zealand. We believe that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is much more than just a martial art or self-defense system. Our classes help  build confidence, develop a positive attitude, and instil lessons that are applicable in every aspect of your life.

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BJJ exercises both the body and the mind and is often referred to as ‘human chess’. It is a physical and a mental workout. The best part is that anyone can do BJJ. It was specifically designed so any person, regardless of age, size, gender and physical limitations, can defend themselves, and  defeat, another person.


Physical benefits are well-documented and includes increased strength, muscle tone, cardio, and weight loss due to the dynamic, explosive movements. Body awareness, balance and reaction time is improved as you are always reacting to your opponent’s movements. 

Mental benefits include increased reasoning and problem-solving skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure. BJJ is  a fantastic stress relief – once on the mat, your mind and body are engaged and focused on the challenge of learning something new.


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Physical activity is a crucial part of a child’s growth and development. BJJ offers so many benefits to help your child become a confident, successful and productive adult.

Learning a martial art provides character development and personal growth that will impact every area of their life, for the rest of their life. It’s a fun way for kids to get into shape, gain confidence, learn respect, improve discipline, and prevent bullying.

We have designed our kid’s programs to be interactive, motivational, challenging, and fun. We create an environment where our students not only learn BJJ, but also develop positive behaviors such as discipline, respect, and humility. They will discover how to push themselves to achieve and believe in their individual worth and abilities. And they will have fun!