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The Combat Centres boxing classes are run by past and present fighters who want to teach you the sweet science of boxing while helping you get into the best shape of your life!

Boxing Technique

The Boxing Technique classes are sessions designed to teach the how and why of boxing. A great class if you're new or returning to boxing and exercise, but also great for intermediate and advanced boxers looking to sharpen their skills and improve their technique.

Learn everything from the basics of punching, head movement, footwork and guard to the advanced techniques behind setting up devastating body shots and angles.


A fast-paced class that uses real boxing combos, movements, and drills. Adaptable to all skill and fitness levels, partner up and let your coach take you through a challenging fitness-focused, skill-based session!


Free Trial

Free Trial

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Fit2Fight is a 12 week fighter experience (Boxing), for first time men and woman wanting to push their body and mind, to experience first hand a fighters journey, who want to embrace the life style of a fighter for 12 weeks. Are you interested? 

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Woman's Power Up

Woman's Power Up

Is it time for a change? Are you stuck and need to get your body moving and BREAK some bad habits.....and in perfect time for summer. Then this is for you!

For more details of the program and to see the stories of Power Up women who are just like you, click the link below 

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